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modern simplicity....light and calm

We were contacted by Nicki and her family to renovate their three bathrooms and laundry.

They were currently at a cross roads, getting mixed opinions from different suppliers which just weren't sitting right.


They wanted a set of consistent looking bathrooms that created a serene and tranquil feeling, whilst still suiting a family lifestyle; practicality was key! 

After a design analysis, we developed three concepts, each having a very similar feel but with a few individual pieces such as the custom handmade pendants. Layouts were confirmed, focusing on storage and maximising the spaces, and a detailed budget was established. Once the fixtures and finishes schedule had been signed off we then set about bringing on board the relevant trades, purchasing everything and ensuring the design was implemented exactly as planned.

The family now have a suite of beautiful bathrooms that evoke a sense of calm but also satisfy a growing family.

"Charlie has been fantastic...........I work full time and needed someone I could trust to not only create a great design but also manage the build phase as well.

Charlie has a great sense of style coupled with a high degree of practicality and strong attention to detail.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with her and our renovation has been a dream. The end result is amazing!

                        ~ Nicki Darnell, Seaforth

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