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modern retro.....light bright tranquil

our clients moved into this 1930s iconic 'lime green' building, set high amongst the hilltops with ocean views. the house needed a complete overhaul.....they literally needed to rip everything out, keeping the bare bones of it's structure. 

rather than wiping it's history, they decided to pay tribute to it's heritage whilst still giving it a more modern look.

we were asked to join them for the journey and give them a guiding hand as to the 'look' they wanted to adopt throughout the renovation. we decided upon a softer retro look with touches of scandinavian design and a muted colour palette.

the project is a long one, as the owner is doing the build himself and we're tackling one room at a time. the master bedroom was first on our list and currently the exterior is receiving a complete this space......

"After our first meeting I felt very comfortable........she is very easy to talk to and friendly, and flexible with her approach to fit with our needs."

"We have more rooms to finish but I am extremely happy with our master bedroom and love the look she has created."

         ~ Kerry Fullager, North Narrabeen

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